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Gazelle On The Menu At Chez Saddam

The Tikrit South airfield, where Marine Wing Support Squadron 271 set up base in this week's campaign to take the city, is on the edge of a preserve where Saddam and favored guests once hunted gazelle. [...] The marines are using 9mm pistols to hunt after initially being forbidden to use firearms for fear that gunshots in the woods might be mistaken for enemy fire.

"We hunted them with rocks, as Stone Age as that sounds," Wicksell said. "We gutted them and skinned them and pretty much carried them over our shoulders barbarian-style." The preparation is almost as primitive: a fire pit dug in the ground, covered by a radiator grill from one of the Marines' trucks.

When the Food Workers Union stages an impromptu walkout at the U.N., the diplomats start looting for lunch and booze

At noon on Friday, food workers at the U.N. headquarters walked off their jobs, calling a wildcat strike. The result: none of the U.N.'s five restaurants and bars was staffed. [...] But as tensions grew and stomachs growled, a high-ranking U.N. official boldly ordered that all the cafeterias open their doors for business even without staff. The restaurants had been locked shut by security until about 1:00 pm when the doors flung open.

The decision to make the cafeterias into "no pay zones" spread through the 40-acre complex like wildfire. Soon, the hungry patrons came running. "It was chaos, wild, something out of a war scene," said one Aramark executive who was present. "They took everything, even the silverware," she said. [...] The takers included some well-known diplomats who finished off the raid with free drinks at the lounge for delegates. When asked how much liquor was lifted from the U.N. bar, one U.S. diplomat responded: "I stopped counting the bottles."

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  1. thesliver says:

    I can see how your average Iraqi citizen is going to approve the difference between Saddam Hussein and a few friends blamming away at the gazelles and a squad of US Marines popping at them with 9mm pistols.

    There's a quote by someone, who I haven't the enthusiasm to either remember or go look up, which says 'we are only two meals away from barbarism'. In the case of the UN it would seem we are less than one meal away, perhaps a snack away. That this doesn't also surprise me that much should depress me, but its a sunny day, the birds are singing, copulating and feeding and my coffee mug is half full.

    I am replete with civilisation.