that's the biggest fruitbat I've ever seen

Forwarded without comment, as I don't speak Klingon:

"Fruktbar feiring"

"Tre kvinner klargjør en gedigen fallosstatue som skal benyttes i nordlige japanske landsbyen Oosawas årlige fruktbarhetsfestival. Den tradisjonelle feiringen skal virke harmoniserende på forholdet mellom mann og kone. Fallossymboler representerer den lokale fruktbarhetsguden, som skal ha legende evner."
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12 Responses:

  1. insom says:

    "Fear the Cock"

    These many Klingons have imported a phallic statue from the Nordic Tony Bennett to include in the annual Nordic-Osawa Wang Heat festival. The traditional fare of working for harmony and piece for their fellow man is gone. The giant penis represents the work of 'prick-artists' to bring legend to life.

    • gfish says:

      I always wondered where the giant penis at the end of Pump Up the Volume came from. I bet the FCC guy would have been a lot more sympathetic if Christian Slater had just explained that they were holding a fertility festival.

  2. zztzed says:

    From what I can tell by picking out the words that look similar to English and German ones, it's something about a fertility festival in Japan. And it says something about how phallic symbols represent the local fertility gods.

  3. nerpdawg says:

    My norwegian's a little rusty, but here's as much as i can get.

    Three women something a something phallus statue that shall begin a northern japanese harvest festival. The traditional celebration shall bring harmonious relations between men and women. The big cock symbol brings a good harvest.

  4. slithytove says:

    This may be related to Hounen Matsuri, which is a fertility festival that employs mock penises. All about Hounen Matsuri. It apparently used to be held everywhere, but the festival has disappeared most places in Japan, possibly because modern Japanese are just as embarrassed as Westerners about carrying around sculpture of immense penises.

  5. scosol says:

    isnt that form the japanese "penis festival"?
    (dont rememer the real name)