Sputnik for sale on eBay

"Buy It Now for $29,500."

"Like most earth-changing projects, more than one model was built for testing and back-up purposes. This is an original Sputnik from the '50s space program, named "model PS-1". Literally lost in space for the past 30 years, we discovered it hanging 20 feet above the ground in a science institute near Kiev. Nearly identical to the Sputnik that orbited the Earth. Constructed of a highly-polished metal alloy; 31" in diameter and equipped with two, 10ft and two 5ft whip antennae. Weighing in at 66lbs. Historians may note that this is lighter than the flown-craft, which weighed 176 lbs. This is because the once-top-secret radio transmitters and batteries were removed and destroyed, during the security conscious 1960s."

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8 Responses:

  1. rzr_grl says:

    i saw that in matt's journal.


    • mattbot says:

      I got it from BoingBoing.

      But she's right. DNA Lounge needs a Sputnik. YOU need a Sputnik.

      • lhooqtius says:

        Everybody needs a (ex)Sputnik. Fortunately our Glorious (ex)Soviet System can produce enough (ex)Sputniks for the whole world. All people on Earth must simply give us $30,000 and undying alliegance to the (ex)Party and you can have your own (ex)Sputnik (naturally, without top secret radio gear or astronavigation equipment - that costs extra, (ex)Comrade). To show your (ex)Party loyalty, please navigate to the People's Commisariat for Glorious Auctions (eBay) and commit your Hard Currency to the cause today. You will be rewarded with an authentic historical treasure pillaged from the third-rate, former Soviet Republic of your choice!

  2. The lucky buyer can make a sputnik clock out of an actual Sputnik.
    If you didn't have that club, you could probably easily afford it.

  3. king_mob says:

    Sweet Baby Jesus, I don't think I've ever wanted anything so much.

  4. js7a says:

    Recently a new nearby star discovery had me thinking about generation starships.

    Is there any science fiction out there with generation starships where they actually take the trouble to build a thermos inside a hollowed-out asteroid? I realize that generation starships are generally thought to make boring TV, although I think Red Dwarf might have been on to something at one point.

    The whole "Earth in the rear-view mirror" thing is much more than just a fun idea.

    • js7a says:

      Yeah, I know, Google is my friend.

      I wonder if Gene Wolfe has a thermos surface inside his spinning hollow asteroid. I don't want to plow through a load of mysticism to find out. At least it looks like there are more than half a dozen well-rated books in that series, and the "baroque literature" thing will at least help me get to sleep if it's spread thick.

      • js7a says:

        After having looked at Gene Wolfe's Litany of the Long Sun, I'm thinking it's more insomniac cure than hard sci-fi, unless there is such a thing as hard sociology.

        The winner, by leaps and bounds, is Skylife. Up to date, 16 short chapters, lots of diagrams.