Rumsfeldor the Burninator

Rumsfeld Unleashes Death Ray
PHILIPPINES: US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld prepares to tear away the rubber mask hiding his true face, a glowing red skull, moments before incinerating a crowd of onlookers with his heat vision.

Rumsfeld Flipper Legacy

INNSMOUTH, MASS.: US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld reveals the first stages of his tranformation into a Deep One, the hybrid fishmen now scheduled to take control of the Federal Government no later than Q4 2003.
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8 Responses:

  1. ralesk says:

       Man... I read this about 7 minutes ago and I'm still laughing at the captions!

  2. I can just see the purple lightning coming out of his fingertips now. I wonder who didn't turn to the Dark Side..?

  3. atakra says:

    The Red Skull! Someone call Captain America!

  4. greyface says:

    Did you just compare Donald Rumsfeld to... TROG-DOOOOOOOOOOOR?

    (Sorry, I can't say that name without ass-rock-metal screaming it). Man, oh man, I wonder what Strong Bad would have to say about TROG-DOOOOOOR's suitability for political office. Maybe Strongbadia will have a secretary of defense now.