Luxury to Die For -- In Eternum Wound Filler

Six Feet Under posters banned: The risque ad campaign draws inspiration from the show's spoof TV ads for funeral service products. (Flash)


9 Responses:

  1. sw00p says:

    for some reason, i thought that that was a PETA ad ...

  2. livejournalsux says:

    Nobody likes to talk about death.

  3. hotabay says:

    I can never find the darn button to add an LJ "friend"

  4. js7a says:

    Let's hope nothing can keep reports from the fired Treasury Secretary buried.

    Dean or Kucinich?

    • livejournalsux says:

      Dean or Kucinich?
      Yeah, its hard to tell which is worse.

      • js7a says:

        Yeah. Dean is an M.D., but Kucinich is a vegan. One complaint about medical schools that I've read from multiple sources is that basic nutrition is pushed out of the curriculum in the vast majority of schools because of some squabble in the AMA. Eventually some terrorist is going to get a hold of a few vials full of mad cow prions and have a field day, and then we'll see who laughs at the vegans. I respect their willpower.

        Dean, however, clearly understands the interweb, and is way ahead in fund raising.

        Neither have anything about wind power on their web sites yet, although Kucinich clearly should.

  5. boynukesworld says:

    that's one of the most beautiful flash pages i've seen. sorry i found you through hfx_ben.