• I am not terribly impressed with the most recent Front 242 album, "Pulse". It's their first studio album in ten years, and it's not bad... but it just doesn't grab me. Probably my expectations were too high, though, because every previous F242 release, going back to when Official Version came out in 1987, was immediately my Favorite Album Evar, for at least a little while. When "Off" came out, it was my new favorite album before track 2 was half over. But this one disappoints in much the same way as Cabaret Voltaire's "Colours" did. Colours grew on me eventually, but it's not exactly groundbreaking.

  • I just read Jennifer Government by Max Barry -- it's really, really funny. The first chapter is online. It's got the kind of silliness that the first half of Snow Crash had, and many of the characters have the kind of gee-whiz dopeyness that Christoper Moore's characters do (e.g., Bloodsucking Fiends.)

  • I also read "The Moreau Factor" by Jack Chalker. It was total fluff. I occasionally pick up a new Chalker book because when I was 12, I totally loved the "Well of Souls" series. Unfortunately, he's been mostly writing the same story ever since.

  • On thursday, I went to see Throwing Muses at Slim's. I hadn't seen them before. It was a pretty good show, but Kristen Hersh has a very odd stage presence... during every song, she seemed like she was trying to stare a wide-eyed hole through one one particular spot on the back wall, never looking to the side or down, and barely blinking. Kinda odd.

    My club sucks, but there's some good stuff coming up at Slim's in the next few weeks. I'll probably be going to these:

      thu may 15: Verbena
      sat may 24: Red Elvises!!
      sat jun 21: The Fall
      sat jul 12: Placebo
      sat jul 26: Horton Heat
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14 Responses:

  1. icis_machine says:

    you club sucks?

    get that drunk female rapper back. i'd pay to be threatened by her if it meant more comedic gold.

  2. bdu says:

    I had VERY low expectations when I picked up "Still & Raw", and was pleasantly surprised with a really decent EP.

    This, unfortunately, got my hopes up for the full length. I should have known better. Pulse isn't good for much except as another coaster in my pile.

  3. greyhame says:

    It's been years since I've seen a Red Elvises show, but unfortunately I live on the wrong coast to catch that one. Ah well.

  4. atakra says:

    The Fall was OK last year at the GAMH. Supposedly they're looking for a tour manager on craigslist. Hahaha. I can't imagine having to put up with Mark E. Smith for longer than a couple of hours, let alone a whole tour!

  5. m4dh4tt3r says:

    Red Elvises! I will be there for sure!

  6. feralblah says:

    Odd stage presence, to be sure...
    Apparently she has horrible stage fright, and doesn't like to notice anyone looking at her while she's "working"... so her shows usually involve some beer/vodka, and the "thousand mile stare". You can tell when she really gets into it when she starts to do a little Axl Rose-esque snake body move, while holding her head perfectly still.

  7. toastednut says:

    ah but the real show will be june 20th and melt banana with numbers.

  8. beavix says:

    jwz: Jennifer Government looks pretty cool; think I might order it. What else is worth reading? There aren't exactly any bookstores where I'm at.. what else should I pick up?

  9. rpkrajewski says:

    Old industrial farts might want to check out the new Ministry album. Reliable sources indicate it's a return to form. Haven't heard it yet myself.

    I saw the Muses a few weeks ago (review) and had much the same impression of Kristin's stage presence. She looked not unlike Elizabeth Taylor channeling Andy Kaufman, but still it was a great show.

  10. g_na says:

    If my lazy ass were to actually go out to a club, it would be your club. In fact, the last club I went to *coughlastyearcough* was yours.