HollywoodOS gets an upgrade

One thing we've learned from The Matrix Reloaded is that power plant control systems use SSH version 1, and that the software that controls the power grid is apparently some variant of Cisco IOS.

These screen grabs snarfed from titney:

<LJ-CUT " ...not really a spoiler... ">

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  1. fo0bar says:

    Ironically, was the IP of a development penetration test machine in our east coast datacenter until about 2 months ago. No, I didn't pick the IP cause it looked cool or anything. First 2 == east coast (3 == west coast, there was no 1 for reasons I cannot remember), second 2 == second internal network segment, third 2 == first machine set up after the router.

  2. jon says:

    I like how it echoes the new root password to the terminal after it's been changed.

  3. jwz says:

    I should probably add this new text to xmatrix. If anyone has (or has the ability to make) better/more complete screen grabs of this scene, so I can get all the text, let me know...

  4. malokai says:

    makes perfect sense!

    excellent movie btw. I don't think anyone else giggled when she ssh'd in though.

  5. i want someone to write terminal / xterm / console software that makes my computer text look all green and old, either like The Matrix, or like the computers from War Games.I'm surprised it hasn't happened already.

  6. netik says:

    Did you take a look at the exploit? They used the SSH v1 CRC32 Exploit. Someone's done their homework.

    She nmap'ed the machine, then ran something called sshnuke against it.

    Interestingly enough, this is a reasonable and accurate attack on a machine!

    The SSHv1 CRC32 exploit is widely known and remote root exploits have been around for awhile. If you had this exploit compiled as ssh nuke, you could run the remote root exploit to change root's password, and then log in as she did in the scenario.

    I give it an A for accuracy.

    • scosol says:

      hahah yeah- i saw that and thought "oh shit- nmap!"-
      i missed the crc32 stuff cause my eyes then went down to the prompt- then the scene was over
      this was in the mercado 20 in santa clara- so lotsa people laughed at the ssh prompt :p

      yeah- finally an accurate representation of a system being exploited, and even a real command line interface- hahaha
      none of that jurassic-park 3d BS :)

    • beavix says:

      Was anyone able to read that post without saying "Greetings, Professor Falken" aloud in their dorkiest voice?

  7. jerronimo says:

    Damnit... that's the root password I use on my machine.

    I should change it to the access code on my luggage. "123456"

  8. waider says:

    Screw all that, is she using Gnome or KDE?

    • billemon says:

      Either GNOME 1.x or AfterStep with a Mac-like theme, unless my eyes deceive me ;)

      Of course, this all depends on when tthe Matrix began ... and how much old technology was still in use. Posit the thing being based pre-2K :)

  9. edm says:

    The folks at insecure.org (run by the author of nmap) have a bunch of screen captures from this scene. Some of them are at least as readable as the ones you link to, possibly a little better, and may help in figuring out the details.

    Interestingly no one seems to have bothered with the following few seconds where it verbosely runs the disable command, which you'd presumably want to include.