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This one's for gordonzola: Reviews of the cheeses mentioned in Monty Python's "Cheese Shop" sketch
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  1. ammonoid says:

    She's a cheese-hater. How could she rate Camenbert negative? And gorgonzola barely positive, behind mozzerella? I live for gorgonzola.

  2. gordonzola says:

    Thank you for the link. I like how everything is " a slightly rotten cheese. . ." She must be a little Python-obsessed to take on this task when she doesn't even like cheese. Tired of singing the Spam song I guess.

    I could go on but hey, I actually found it a little endearing. Some of those cheeses are really rare even in England and France though. And good luck on that Venezuelan Beaver Cheese, eh?

    (I see now that she acknowledged that, I had skipped right to the reviews at first. Too bad she gave up on her quest.)

    • jwz says:

      I have to ask... is there such a thing?

      • gordonzola says:

        Well, you can make dairy products out of anything that gives milk. The first problem is yield (especially for cheese which reduces a lot in volume as you seperate curds and whey). Imagine trying to milk a herd of monkeys or beavers.

        Then the second problem is taste. While one can get used to the taste of almost anything, a dairy product's taste is mostly a product of what the mammal ate (and how fresh the milk is). That's why human dairy products are likely to taste terrible. Maybe monkey butter tastes banana-y?

        Different cultures definitly use different mammals. I've had yak cheese. I don't believe in Norweigen whale cheese though I been sworn to that it exists. I've never heard of it, but monkey butter, why not?

        • ciphergoth says:

          you can make dairy products out of anything that gives milk.


          • Beaver cheese is actually a really bad euphemism for the material produced by a woman with bad hygiene. Like snake cheese.

            So presumably Venezuelan Beaver Cheese would simply be from a very smelly Venezuelan woman.

            Revolting concept. I give THAT cheese a negative several million. I'd rather milk a whale.