caption contest


43 Responses:

  1. "Nobody does the monkey like me."

  2. slithytove says:

    "Ya got a good fastpoo, kid, and your slider's okay too, but what I really want to see is that knucklepoo everyone's been talking about."

  3. revsphynx says:

    Smiles everyone, smiles. I am Monkey Roark, and this is my assistant Monkey Tattoo. Welcome to Monkey Fantasy Island!

  4. kyra says:

    "....and your little dog, too! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!"

  5. bokane says:

    "Betcha can't fling your scat that far!

  6. psr says:

    I'm pretty sure that the mother monkey's face looks exactly like the Iron Maiden Mascot in a poster I've seen somewhere, but I can't find an image.

    This is the closest match I could find:

  7. baconmonkey says:

    He's my dinner, back the fuck off.

  8. mackys says:

    "I love my retarded son."

  9. tfofurn says:

    If your kid had teeth like this, you'd switch to a bottle, too!

  10. icis_machine says:

    hello! i'm Willem Dafoe. please save the monkey face children.

  11. injector says:

    Ron Howard (right) and his brother Clint (left).

  12. zztzed says:

    Man, 12 comments and no one's worked in monkey butter.

  13. ultragnu says:

    hello, I'm dick cheney's mother. This is his brother, steveo. say hi steveo.

  14. vordark says:

    Madonna and child.

    • holy shit- yours made me laugh the hardest! :P

      probably because in advanced hummanites class last month, i was bombarded with those "madonna and child" images. they were evrywhere. and they all had the same damn title.

  15. jiritsu says:

    put $1,000,000 in a plain briefcase and deliver it to the drop point or my demon-monkey will make sure you never see your pet ewok in one piece again.

  16. elthar says:


  17. Luke... I AM your Mother!

  18. guyver3 says:

    "I'm eating monkey tonight!"

  19. waywind says:

    Wasn't that thing in a horror movie where they crept into people's houses through ductwork and plumbing and devoured their flesh? If not, it should be.

    Um. The only captions that come to my mind are all very difficult to spell, as they consist of whatever disturbing screech that defensive monkey momma is making.

  20. freiheit says:

    Bow down before your master!

  21. psymbiotic says:

    Ventrilo-Ape and JoJo the Sock Monkey.

    Egan >:>

  22. kalischild says:

    Hairy Sasquatch caught in child molestation scandal.


    February 5th, 2023

    NEVERLAND Michael Jackson admitted having shared an "intimate relationship" with Bobo, his pet chimp and longtime domestic partner yesterday. Mr. Jackson also revealed the existence of the couple's "lovechild", removing his 7th child's trademark veil
    to reveal a face rewminiscent of a howler monkey. "He looks so much like his father it's almost scary." said an family spokesman.

  23. baconmonkey says:

    Kuato: What do you want, Mr. Quaid?
    Douglas Quaid: The same as you, to remember.
    Kuato: But why?
    Douglas Quaid: To be myself again.
    Kuato: You are what you do. A man is defined by his actions, not his memory.

  24. trembyle says:

    when fully erect, the genitals of a male yellow-haired ape resemble a lost child.

  25. slithytove says:

    Second attempt at a caption:

    "A newly-born Guizhou golden monkey plays with her mother in the Beijing Wildlife Garden, Friday, May 16, 2003. It is the first case of successfully propagating Guizhou golden monkeys under artificial feeding outside its provenance. Guizhou golden monkeys, with an amount of merely 100, inhabit broad-leaf forests with an elevation of 1,700 meters at Fanjing Mountains in southwest China's Guizhou Province. (AP Photo/Xinhua, Liu Yu)"

    Hm. Not as good as my first try, but oh, well.

  26. violetiae says:

    "Ladies and Gentlemen ... SFMOMA is proud to present artist Jeff Koons' 2003 updating of his '">Michael Jackson and Bubbles' sculpture."

  27. forthdude says:

    "AARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!! Junior, daddy needs you to let go! That's not a banana!!"

  28. jcurious says:

    Sally shows off her new Supa-Realistic-Dentures(tm)

  29. stampnoid says:

    "As you can see, There are absolutely NO baby monkeys here in Bagdad. The info you are being fed is all lies!"

  30. stega says:

    Michael Jackson proudly shows off his newest offspring who was born to one of his special chimpanzee friends . Michael must wear a protective, camoflaging suit so that the mother ape does not rip him limb from limb, as she is still irate over Michael's short-lived marriage to Lisa Marie Presley.

  31. spendocrat says:

    "Find the girl, or I'll let Big Daddy do more than just warm up the chompers."

  32. operatic says:

    Baby: "Get your stinking paws off me, you damn, dirty ape...I mean, Mommmmm!"