ACLU Patriot Act checklist

(PDF of the full poster)


9 Responses:

  1. bitwise says:

    Very clever. I get a kick out of anti-gub'mint propaganda. But I really don't understand PDFs that are solely one giant bitmap image.

  2. elleseule says:

    Jesus, these law changes just look more and more dictatorship-like.

    • anti_tim says:

      Someone must have thought there was a party there -- considering my car was broken into right in front of the Cosco parking lot this last weekend at thump.

      Damn crackheads only stole about .50 cents in loose change and a portable stereo that had spraypaint all over - and whose volume control doesnt work.

      That really pisses me off. They could have at least broken my window and stole something WORTHWHILE -- then it would have been more substantial for their effort, and I would have been less angry that my time and money was needlessly wasted. :/

      • baconmonkey says:

        I had a similar situation at 10th and Folsom a few years ago. they broke the rear window in my van, climbed in, scurried over the seats, opened the frot door, sifted through everything, making a neat pile on the driver's seat, gave me a screwdriver, and took nothing. $500 to replace the fucking window, $250 of which was covered by insurance. I felt pretty much the same way - they put me out $500 and a lot of hassle for NOTHING.

        • anti_tim says:

          Sorry about your car. I also had my car broken into the same area on Bryant, just on 9th street a few years ago. But never anywhere else. There must be something about that area - but I think that the "neat pile on the drivers seat" is a common occurance in all crackhead inspired automotive break ins.

          • cje says:

            Never leave a car in this neighborhood. We've been working down here for a few years now, and *everyone* who has a car has had it broken into. I always tell visiting friends to leave the cars elsewhere (preferably somewhere with lighted, secured parking) or suffer the consequences. Crackheads can't tell which vehicle might contain a prize, so they open them all. Ride a scooter or motorcycle and park right in front of work (and the security guys)--it's the only way to go!