The Third Annual Nigerian Email Conference

Write better emails. Make more moneys.

I am Mr. Laurent Mpeti Kabila, a senior assistant leader of the Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone.

I present to you an urgent and confidential request: I request your attendance at The 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference. This is an excellent opportunity to meet your distinguished colleagues, learn new marketing techniques, and spend your hard-earned money. Attending this conference demands the highest trust, security and confidentiality between us.

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rock on, Ted Turner

Monopoly or Democracy?

"On Monday the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expected to adopt dramatic rule changes that will extend the market dominance of the five media corporations that control most of what Americans read, see and hear. I am a major shareholder in the largest of those five corporations, yet -- speaking only for myself, and not for AOL Time Warner -- I oppose these rules. They will stifle debate, inhibit new ideas and shut out smaller businesses trying to compete. If these rules had been in place in 1970, it would have been virtually impossible for me to start Turner Broadcasting or, 10 years later, to launch CNN." [...]

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Sputnik for sale on eBay

"Buy It Now for $29,500."

"Like most earth-changing projects, more than one model was built for testing and back-up purposes. This is an original Sputnik from the '50s space program, named "model PS-1". Literally lost in space for the past 30 years, we discovered it hanging 20 feet above the ground in a science institute near Kiev. Nearly identical to the Sputnik that orbited the Earth. Constructed of a highly-polished metal alloy; 31" in diameter and equipped with two, 10ft and two 5ft whip antennae. Weighing in at 66lbs. Historians may note that this is lighter than the flown-craft, which weighed 176 lbs. This is because the once-top-secret radio transmitters and batteries were removed and destroyed, during the security conscious 1960s."

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