Rumsfeldor the Burninator

Rumsfeld Unleashes Death Ray
PHILIPPINES: US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld prepares to tear away the rubber mask hiding his true face, a glowing red skull, moments before incinerating a crowd of onlookers with his heat vision.

Rumsfeld Flipper Legacy

INNSMOUTH, MASS.: US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld reveals the first stages of his tranformation into a Deep One, the hybrid fishmen now scheduled to take control of the Federal Government no later than Q4 2003.
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William Gibson on movies and music

A talk given at the Directors Guild of America. He says some interesting things about the history of mass media, dead people, the music industry, and then goes totally gonzo at the end: keep reading until you get to the part where he starts talking about the ubiquitous-computing vaseline and the dog heads.
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