DNA Lounge: Wherein we hear the very modern stylings of EmCee WhinyPants.

Well, the DNA Lounge security staff now has a theme song!

I'm sure anyone who actually reads this journal has some inkling of the fact that the reason clubs don't allow people to bring in outside liquor is not just because that's the only way we can afford to stay open, but also because it's against the law: allowing that sort of thing can cost you your liquor license.

So tonight one of the performers came in, got up on stage, and plopped her flask right down in front of her. Matt noticed this, went over and gave her the "what do you think you're doing" look; she ignored him, so he took the flask, emptied it in the nearest sink, and gave it back to the promoter.

The result? MC WhinyPants started rapping out four minutes worth of death threats! The gist of it was that she was not only going to shoot him in the head (sorry, choot him in the head), but his children too!

"That shit ain't right, that shit ain't cool, and he knows the rules, you just don't dump out some girl's shit. Foo!"

This is a keeper. You can listen to it here. The sound quality is pretty lousy, but it was lousy in person too.

Oh, and for full effect when listening to the distinctive African-American vernacular in this rap, please keep in mind that the MC was actually a blonde, nerdy looking white girl.

Apparently the song didn't get it out of her system, because afterward she stood outside and spent more than an hour loudly bitching about it to her friends, too. Maybe she was waiting to see if Matt was going to come out and "represent."

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Warren Ellis slashdot gangbang interview up now

"Set bowel disruptor to liquify!"

interview with the photographer who got busted for photoshopping war photos

"Walski: I guess you're calling to ask why I destroyed my career."
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Google to fix blog noise problem

Google to fix blog noise problem. (no, that subject isn't flamebait at all!)

Google is to create a search tool specifically for weblogs, most likely giving material generated by the self-publishing tools its own tab. [...]

"The main problem with blogs is that, as far as Google is concerned, they masquerade as useful information when all they contain is idle chatter," wrote Roddy. "And through some fluke of their evil software, they seem to get indexed really fast, so when a major political or social event happens, Google is noised to the brim with blogs and you have to start at result number 40 or so before you get past the blogs." [...]

"They didn't foresee a tightly-bound body of wirers," reckons Stock. "They presumed that technicians at USC would link to the best papers from MIT, to the best local sites from a land trust or a river study - rather than a clique, a small group of people writing about each other constantly. They obviously bump the rankings system in a way for which it wasn't prepared." [...] For Stock and Roddy, the problem is that the resulting degradation in the quality of information makes it even harder to find primary source material. Roddy said the realization came after searching through 500 blog entries to find a primary source. [...]

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