FPB (First Person Balls)

"Marble Madness 2003 is a mod for Unreal Tournament 2003."

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artificial retina

Eye Implant Restores Sight To Blind.

"Current versions of the device use external television cameras instead of the eye's own lens to form a visual image." Some MPEGs of what it might look like from the inside are on the Intraocular Retinal Prosthesis site.

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Cheese Shop

This one's for gordonzola: Reviews of the cheeses mentioned in Monty Python's "Cheese Shop" sketch
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Cookie Mongoloid

I saw these guys a few years ago when they were merely "Mongoloid", a Devo tribute band. They were great! And yes, I actually used the words "great" and "tribute band" in the same sentence. (Well ok, not literally in the same sentence, but I would have.) They had the hats, they had costume changes, the whole deal. baconmonkey reports:

"From the creators of Mongoloid and Mongolounge comes the latest mon-goloid-strosity, COOKIE MONGOLOID. Cookie Mongoloid is sesame speed metal. See the Cookie Mongoloid in all his blue, furry, googly-eyed glory backed by the baddest of female metal bands as they decimate and regurgitate your childhood favorites in an abrasive metal wrath. See their harem of gothic gyrators, the Cookies, demonstrate such elemental concepts as up and down in a blaze of lights, smoke and pyrotechnic cookie shrapnel."

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