that's the biggest fruitbat I've ever seen

Forwarded without comment, as I don't speak Klingon:

"Fruktbar feiring"

"Tre kvinner klargjør en gedigen fallosstatue som skal benyttes i nordlige japanske landsbyen Oosawas årlige fruktbarhetsfestival. Den tradisjonelle feiringen skal virke harmoniserende på forholdet mellom mann og kone. Fallossymboler representerer den lokale fruktbarhetsguden, som skal ha legende evner."
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the right to talk on the phone during a movie shall not be infringed

Cinema banned from blocking mobiles

[...] Mr Anderson was told it was illegal to have a blocker, let alone put one into operation. The offence carries a fine of up to 25,000 euros (£17,400) or a maximum prison sentence of a year.

"It has been disposed of, essentially thrown in the bin," Mr Anderson said. "I am disappointed. I think it is an injustice not only to the Savoy but to patrons of cinemas all around the country."

No one had lodged a complaint to ComReg.

Ward Anderson spent £499 to import the signal blocker from the US to the Savoy, its flagship cinema in Ireland. The blocker works by emitting a low-power signal that occupies the broadcasting spectrum used by mobile phone operators. It keeps out calls within a 30m (100ft) range.

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