Vertigo, then and now

This is really well done: "Before and after images of various San Francisco locations used in Hitchcock's 1958 masterpiece." Every time I've seen Vertigo, most outdoor scenes had me wondering, "is that building still there?" Now we know!
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  1. _revidescent says:

    this is fabulous, thanks for posting the link!

  2. talkshowhost says:

    ....and my roommate and I just watched this movie a few weeks ago, so those images and locations were still prominent in my mind. Thanks for throwing that out here for us wolves to consume.

  3. ch says:

    neat! more trees (and starbucks) now than then.

  4. recursive says:

    Similar info for Bullitt. (Which isn't such a great movie, but has the original modern car-chase scene.)

  5. 1eyedkunt says:

    great link! and so lovely to see how the trees have grown, despite the author's suggestions that this is a bad thing in a few select places. i agree it's a shame to obscure beautiful views and historic monuments, but overall, trees do so much to make outdoor spaces more welcoming and enjoyable. i just wish they'd take that to heart in some of the more stark neighborhoods in sf. the richmond, sunset, and excelsior districts could all really use some greenery. i've bugged the "tree guy" about it, but he says he's tried and the residents of these areas just don't want trees. wtf? i just don't get it.

    • fo0bar says:

      Speaking of green stuff, I hate what they did with union square. It used to be beautiful. Lots of grass, sloped mini-hills... it was perfect. Now it's a concrete skate park.

  6. fo0bar says:

    My office looked right out at Claude Ln (I was at the corner of Kearny and Sutter, 2nd floor, right above a deli whose name I can't recall at the moment). There was also a jewelry shop by that alley that was eternally going out of business. I spent many hours staring down the alley, pretending to do work :)

    There was a chinese buffet place I used to eat at where the kitchen had a back door onto claude ln. I stopped eating there after I saw a cook breaking apart some frozen meat on the sidewalk. Ugh.