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  1. Somehow I have missed last week's episodes of both 24 and Angel. Tivo, why hast thou forsaken me?

  2. The convenient coincidences and ham-hlanded forshadowing in 24 make me really angry. Very nearly throw-things-at-the-TV angry. But at least Jack's god damned daughter wasn't in the latest episode at all.

  3. I think that in the last few episodes, Penn and Teller have been spending less time showing "these commonly held beliefs are bullshit" and more time showing "some people who believe these things are inarticulate and not very bright." It's disappointing, because they didn't fall back on that tactic so much in the earlier episodes.

  4. Faith is a bit less annoying now than she was the first time around. But still pretty annoying.

  5. Even though Firefly is no more, it's good to see that Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres have gotten transferred over to the Buffyverse. They both do evil really well!

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  1. andrewducker says:

    If you go to "To-Do" on the Tivo, the top item should be "History". If you check the various items, they should tell you why they weren't recorded...

    I like Faith, but I'm, not sure how much of that comes from finding Eliza Dushku utterly delicious.

  2. fo0bar says:

    It's sad how much people can get addicted to mindless boob box entertainment. I mean... oh, excuse me, a Futurama repeat is on cartoon network! Even though I have this episode on malaysian VCD, region 2 and 1 dvds, and it's already locally on my tivo, I need to watch it again. BBL.


  3. violetiae says:

    I went into the whole Bullshit! thing being a huge Penn & Teller fan, and now I'm having a really hard time even listening to Penn talk. It makes me want to crawl up a wall.

    They're supposed to be debunking things, and they've always been really great at doing that kind of thing in their act, but on the show they go so overboard repeatedly yelling things like, "WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE!" or "THIS SCUM-SUCKING FUCK SHOULD BE SHOT!" through every show that they're starting to seem like the ones who are unhinged freaks.

    The more Penn rants and screams, the more un-credible he seems. The whole half-hour is nothing but a giant ad hominem attack fest. I think it was about around the episode on alien abduction that I started to notice the UFO nuts looked and sounded sane, comparatively. Or rather, that Penn sounded as ridiculous as they did.

    And the episode that covered second-hand smoke was ludicrous. It wasn't about debunking anything or searching for the truth; it was about a political rant on anti-smoking laws in New York, plain and simple. Considering Penn and Teller are both smokers, they weren't even remotely objective on the subject, and through the whole episode I was quite aware of the self-serving bullshit being slung -- and who was slinging it.

    It got tiresome.

    As for 24, I'm also a big fan of the show and yes, last week's episode was mercifully lovely sans Kim -- though I was hoping there would be more on the storyline about the boyfriend guy who lost his leg. But hey ... I can live without it if it means I don't have to watch Kim do one insanely stupid thing after another.

    Here's a burning question: what the hell became of the brat Kim was drooling over for the first 8593 hours of the season? Not that I want her back, because she was annoying too, but it just seems strange that after so many hours of kidnapping the kid from various places and people because she wasn't willing to let her go or give her up, that after she got taken away the last time, Kim hasn't even so much as mentioned her since.

    There seem to be a lot of holes this season. What was the point of the whole convenience store thing? That didn't add anything useful to the story at all. And where the hell is Marie Warner? Where's Bob Warner? Is Roger Stanton still sitting with his feet in a tub of water, getting electric shocks? We may never know.

    • jlindquist says:

      The brat (Megan, I think?) got handed off to her aunt after Kim and the Gimp were arrested. Remember the tearful good-bye before the brat gets taken to Santa Barbara, safely out of reach of The Bomb?

      I think the convenience store bit was there to illustrate the post-Bomb hysteria in a manner more up-close-and-personal than CNN riot footage. But it seemed really ridiculously stupid... given everything Kim went through last year, you'd think she had learned when to shoot somebody.

      So... next season, does the President shave his head and encourage everybody to offer rum and cigars to Jobu?

      • violetiae says:

        Oh yes, the Megan goodbye. I remember now. I guess I mercifully blocked it from memory.

        One of my favorite parts was after Kim takes off from the accident and was wandering around in the brush and comes across the cougar. And what does the stupid twit do? She starts running. Idiot. We were praying it would catch her and eat her. (Actually, we pray for something like this every week. We all know the wrong Bauer died last year.)

        The only thing my boyfriend ever thought Kim was good for was when she took a shower at Lonnie's and was walking around with a flimsy see-through t-shirt on. Personally I think it's too little, too late.

        The most annoying thing about the convenience store plotline was the hispanic character's "I'm good ... now I'm bad ... but seriously, I'm really good ... oops, now I'm scary bad again" waffling.

  4. jerronimo says:

    1. Somehow I missed how Darla came back from the dead... Oh yeah. I remember... I just wasn't watching Angel because I couldn't stand Cordelia.

    3. Or they could have at least divulged a little bit of information instead of just flat out debunking. Fung Shui for example... They showed three different people all with different ways of doing the same thing... therefore they are all just making it up. Right? Well, they don't bother to say that there are in fact three different styles of Fung Shui... that might have shown that there might be something to it... It's okay to be skeptical and debunk things that are flat-out wrong, but if you're not going to take in all of the information to do so, there's no point in it, really. I guess it's all just entertainment no matter what way you look at it... blah

    4. I still want to just give Faith a throat losenge.

    5. Agreed. I guess when Joss has an actor/actresss he likes, he sticks with them. ;)
    Do you have/want the Firefly gag reel? I can throw it back online for ya...

  5. freiheit says:

    I gave up on 24 a month or two ago, but before then, in addition to the regular FOX affiliate, 24 was being re-shown on FX later in the week. They did the same thing last season. Put 24 in your TiVo once for whatever the regular channel is and once for FX and you'll almost certainly get the episode. Often this includes a showing late the night before the next showing or an hour or three before.

  6. rasp_utin says:

    After reading this post, I suddenly feel remarkably much more removed from my fellow man.

    1. I'm vaguely aware of the premise and lead actor in 24. Angel, though... wha?

    2. See #1.

    3. Again, erm? I know who P&T *are*, and saw their show at the Rio hotel & casino last year [I posted about this show a while back]; however...

    4. Aroo?

    5. I give up. I know this show *exists*, but since the original movie gave us Roy Batty & Pee Wee Herman-- and on the same team, no less! well, sort of-- I've just avoided it from day one.

    [Well, that's not entirely true... I saw one episode, then avoided it like the plague. Also, I dared myself to watch a single ep. of Charmed, and there were both pro wrestlers and a complete and utter rip-off of the sphere from Phantasm, to which I uttered a big "eff that" and never went back.]


  7. zhixel says:

    Meh. Gina Torres will always be Hel to me.

    • zhixel says:

      I also just realized she was in M.A.N.T.I.S. The only thing more painful is remembering that I used to watch that show.

  8. rzr_grl says:

    You've got to be kidding! I suppose she was a little less melodramatic than Evil Faith, but she's still doing that Jerry Springer head waggle wtih every sentence and IT MAKES ME CRAZY.

    RE: P&T, second-hand smoke episode? Did we miss some of those too, or have you been watching them without me?!?

    • jwz says:

      Hey, I didn't say she was non-annoying, but she's doing less of that stilted "how very; let's motor" Heather #3-esque affectation.

      Yeah, maybe I watched the smoking one without you. Don't worry, it sucked.

      • jcurious says:

        yea.. two rules I have to follow with my tivo is to always save P&T for her and Maggie for her daughter :) I got in big trouble when I removed some they had not seen ;)...

        btw I didn't think the greenpeace episode was that bad.. (the RFN part of it... I didn't think was nessary).. but in terms of greenpeace I think they did a good job.. they got a former founder and stuff..
        I feel like I got screwed over in the old days when I worked for USPRG thinking I was raising money for clean water... only to find out I was also raising money for things anti ATM fees legislation and stuff... I think it is very important to find out what an org is ALL about before supporting them...