SARS fashion

For all your asian surgical mask fetish needs, Yahoo News helpfully provides 647 photos.

Update: more!

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20 Responses:

  1. thesliver says:

    Well if you have to protect yourself from SARS then you might as well look stylish.

  2. canada, too

    my family has been telling me about this.
    although i doubt we have the fashionable masks. foo.

  3. ivorjawa says:

    I'm still wondering why people are even bothering with this. This isn't a third-world country, ignorant and howling at the moon. These are educated people.

    They should know full well that a cloth mask does absolutely jack against a virus.

    I'm holding out for the Hello Kitty full biohazard suits.

    • hukuma says:

      These masks would not be in use by every single surgeon if they weren't effective. They're not a panacea, but they do help filter out some of the airborne fluid droplets containing the virus.

      • ivorjawa says:

        My understanding is they're more for the benefit of the patient.
        Don't want the doctor sneezing into an open wound.

        • hukuma says:

          On the advice of microbiologist for Infection Control and a senior medical specialist of PWH, UHS wishes to update everybody on the use of the recommended Surgical Mask as follows:

          • The recommended surgical masks are appropriate for general use as a means for prevention and protection.
          • ...


          • ivorjawa says:

            Okay, the implication here is that the mask is for the wearer's benefit.
            While that will get people to wear masks, and will cut down on the spread (by containining sneezes, exhalations, etc), I think the truth is closer to "wear the mask so you don't infect other people."

            This causes me to twitch, because people will believe that they're being protected, which is not the case.

            • baconmonkey says:

              eyeballs are a mucous membrane too, are they not?

            • injector says:

              If you notice the people featured in the pictures are Japanese. It is common practice there to don a mask if you catch any sort of air born virus so you don't infect the people around you.

              Only thing is in ever wide shot of people in Japan, I always see several people wearing masks. If it was so effective you'd think they have wiped out the cold years ago.

            • If the mask is capable of catching the wearer's exhaled virus-laden droplets, shouldn't it be equally effective at screening out the respiratory droplets of other people when they try to get in?

  4. giles says:

    Wouldn't the virus get in the cola, or at least all over the straw?

  5. baconmonkey says:

    is all clever ruse.
    they all ninja.
    Ninja steal shoelaces!

  6. slithytove says:

    These masks don't look like they're N95, which is all that has been shown to work against SARS.

  7. love_is_syn says:

    SO herers the thing I type in the word fetish and your LJ Comes up... I find it barzarly amusing...

    I've always found deases to be a little sexy but I'm just Crazy

    but I Need The Hello Kitty Biohazard Suite

    I'm linking this its too pretty

    • linkkk says:

      is your icon Typhoid Mary from Daredevil?

      and ya i did a google image search for asian fetish and found this to LOL

      was tryin to find material for <LJ user="antipinkerton"> not...uh, azn porn hahahaha

  8. momolomo says:

    could u tell me, plz, where can i order kinda masks?