Operation: Iraqi mackin'

billyfleetwood wrote:
Finally some good news from the war. This man is my hero. He single handedly proved to the world that a bomb can't stop a player from playin. You can't blow up this pimpin. Iraq has a new regime, and that regime is love, baby. These arms are for hugging. And I love the salty dude behind him in the green shirt. You aint gonna get no action until you ditch those rolled up green sweats playboy. You live in a free country now, so don't hate... PARTICIPATE!!!
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  1. mrmustard says:

    One item of "collateral damage"... there are probably lots and lots of young teenage Iraqi boys who will have a "thing" for Marines their whole life because of this. Oh, the broken hearts... the anger and frustration that will come when they learn that the only thing a Jarhead really loves is her gun.

  2. poopsmoothie says:

    Best war pic YET.

  3. alright
    that's fucking funny

  4. Look at all the young'ns learning from the older playa's example.

  5. Funnily enough, the same (UK, so not jarhead) soldier was shown on a BBC news report last night trying (and failing) to stop looting of aid trucks. She wasn't smiling then.