Mecca Cola

Mecca-Cola comes to Africa

"Being a Muslim, I was attracted by the name Mecca-Cola," said Hassane Brahim Fardoun, the businessman behind the drink's distribution in Senegal. "I will do my best to penetrate the Senegalese market with this new product." [...]

At first glance, the 1.5-litre Mecca-Cola bottles look just like Coca-Cola. But closer study shows a green mosque, Arabic writing on one side and the sales pitch in French and Arabic: "No more drinking stupid, drink with commitment". [...] On its website, Mecca-Cola says: "Don't shake me, shake your conscience" and runs pictures of Palestinian children firing slings at Israeli tanks and soldiers. [...] Mecca-Cola is not unique. There is a wide range of similar ideological drinks, like Muslim Up or British-based Qibla-Cola, whose website cries "Liberate your taste". [...]

But Mecca-Cola may not be everybody's cup of tea, especially those who like to spice up their soft drinks. "Please do not mix with alcohol", says a tiny note at the bottom of Mecca-Cola's label -- a polite nod in the direction of the Muslim faith which bans liquor.

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3 Responses:

  1. pjammer says:

    You know life has hit a local weirdness peak when real news stories can no longer be confidently differentiated from Onion articles.

    Feh. :)

  2. echolex says:

    Gadreel over at has some commercial ideas for Mecca Cola:

  3. mattlazycat says:

    I never thought I'd see the words "penetrate" and "cola" in the same sentence. I'm off to go cross my legs and cringe now.