Last week, the Madonna Corporation flooded the Kazaa with MP3 files purporting to be tracks from her new album that consisted only of her saying "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" (There was immediately an uninspired gag techno remix of that, which I didn't save the link to: it wasn't very good.)

Yesterday, was hacked to say "This is what the fuck I think I'm doing", along with downloadable MP3s of the real versions of the songs in question! Screenshot.


11 Responses:

  1. rzr_grl says:

    That is so excellent. On both sides. Mraow!

  2. ioerror says:

    I was talking with one of the people responsible for (not the hacked version ;-p ) and they still don't know how the attacker got in.

    I imagine that my suggestion to upgrade all their services might help them if they get around to it and it wasn't compromised in other ways with a back door ;-)

    With that said, I imagine it's going to happen quite often in the future.

  3. ciphergoth says:

    Raph Levien should be gratified: he discusses how to use trust metrics to resist this attack in his draft PhD thesis.

  4. tfofurn says:

    I wonder who'll be next? I can't help but notice that only massively overexposed artists are willing to speak out so vehemently against file sharing.

  5. oh my god.

    i know morgan webb. specifically that one. she was just proposed to. she went to my high school.

    this is infinitely excellent.

  6. jiritsu says:

    i would like to shake hands with whomever hacked her site. he is my new, personal hero.

  7. jcurious says:

    It took 5 tries to find the "fake" file.. but I finnaly found it.. I'm assuming if she put it out there she is trying to have it distributed... still trying to find a good base line and other clips to mix it too ;)

  8. atakra says:

    Well she had to do something to draw attention to herself, note that the
    release's reviews are really terrible.

  9. beavix says:

    Madonna is a useless bitch, any credibility she had left after the "American Pie" cover disaster was pretty much shot to shit after she appeared in (and, consequently, sucked the marrow out of) every fucking thing her husband - who I thought had a clue - fucking did.

    I mean, if a Che Guevara (sp?) lookalike cover isn't enough to make me retch, I don't know what is. It's pretty pathetic that the only way she can appeal to a younger generation is to latch onto it's "icons" (for want of a better word), and work with younger artists. Bleh. Why can't she just piss off?