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DNA Lounge update, wherein we feel the Great White love. Also, perv pix.

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  1. atakra says:

    Of course you know that the smaller clubs were/are the first to go. Burnt Ramen was forcibly closed down within 2 weeks of the Great White incident and nearly all of the smaller local nightclubs (Il Pirata, Kimo's, Mission Records, The Hush Hush, etc...) have been reporting being hassled by the local law since the GWF (Great White Fire). It's the same around the country, I've been getting mail from clubs all over who are hurting right now.
    Rumor has it that even Berkely celebs "Gilman Street" have opted to actually KNOCK ANOTHER FIRE EXIT into their back wall by the local fire marshals. In Eureka I've heard that Club West had to adapt really quickly and that some of the more indie/random hall events (ie. punk shows) had to be cancelled. In Portland the news is the same, lots of hassling, but no closures and in LA there's been increased fire marshal activity prompting the shutdown of a few live gallery events.

  2. fo0bar says:

    It's worth repeating...

    <fo0bar> So... the town is liable because they okay'd material for use in a
    building where pyrotechnics were illegal anyways
    <fo0bar> by that logic, a sniper could shoot into the window of a restaurant
    and kill somebody, and town/city would be liable because they didn't
    mention that the restaurant didn't have ballistic glass installed

  3. hrmmmm. i saw MANY flashbulbs going off too, and a great deal of them when i was dancing on the little box.
    so obviously i, too, would like to know where these ended up.

    actually, i discovered one website from this guy who'd snapped a picture of me & crystal (he gave me his card, which of course prompted the, "what the fuck is this shit in my coat pocket?" phenomenon the next morning). not a lot of them are GREAT (i personally think the lighting this guy uses makes everyone look about 5 years older and about 3 lines into their night), but they're here.

    if it asks you for some lame-ass gallery code, use my spam-mail account-created one: disneyland

  4. revsphynx says:

    I feel your pain with the insurance. Nearly every company in the country has dropped coverage for fire performers. I finally found one to insure me at 1/2 my previous coverage WITH a deductible (my previous one had none), but the premium was over 6X what it was last year. It also MAY have an "outside work only" clause in it, but I'm seeing if I can either buy a rider to get rid of that, or have it written out altogether.

    Anyways, hi, I'm Travis, and I've been a reader of jwz.org from way back.

  5. holywar says:

    Oh my God. This is completely fucking awesome. Were they a couple?

    Re: "You'd think they'd know up front what info they need, but apparently it's always a learning process for whoever's on the other end of the phone, too." I just bought a house and it was the exact same thing. Both the closing attorney and my mortgage lender acted like it was the first time they've ever done this. I didn't have the final numbers until about 9:30 on the morning of closing, when it was supposed to start at 9. I was still talking to my lender's assistant at 5 PM the day before to verify my bank accounts. It was stupefying.

  6. Do you think the only way to make money off of running a nightclub/show venue is to run things very shadily / illegally with regard to public ordinances and such?

    I'm not sure how it is in San Francisco, but I know a lot of the clubs in new york look pretty damn shady. Maybe they all look shady because if they went under major renovation they would have to comply with all sorts of crazy laws? Or maybe because of the constant neverending destruction caused by people?

    • jwz says:

      Well, we run legally, and we're never going to make a dime, so it's not entirely out of the question that Crime Might, In Fact, Pay.