dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein the Plumber Conspiracy is revealed.
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7 Responses:

  1. atakra says:

    Best. DNA. Update. Ever.
    Brilliant... The Plumber Conspiracy. Who would have thought?

    • icis_machine says:

      not only that, but until now i failed to realize how sexycrazycool it was to be jwz.

      i must get a peice of that by at least going to the DNA and baptizing myself in the sink. oh wait, damn sink won't turn on.

      • tfofurn says:

        Just bring a swath of matte black garbage bag with you to temper the reflections (and plug the drain) and you'll be all set. Just be careful to not get too much water on the clean, clean floor.

        I must agree, that is, by far, the funniest DNA update. As for the plumbing supply jackass, I wonder how his employees would respond to being told to wear flamenco outfits at work. You have to admire the belligerence of a guy that cares nothing for the artistic sensibilities of the DJ, nor the listening tastes of the paying audience. On the plus side, the bar might've done a brisk business during that song assuming everyone didn't leave.

  2. Well, a just thing to do would be to try to get all the night club owners in the area to boycott his plumbing company.

  3. baconmonkey says:

    "look, he's from france right? so you go back there and tell that jackass pierre to my my kids some french fries. I don't know what this ex car go crap is, but my little johnny is not gonna put that in his mouth. you're the boss, right, go force him to make me some fries."

    BTW, the small mens room toilet overflows alot, and the lounge bathroom has no ventilation and gets really stinky.

  4. vxo says:

    Be glad you are not dealing with neo-Cuban Miami plumbers there.

    I had two work on my addition at home. Both were quite interesting...

    The first one would repeatedly install stuff that could be absolutely guaranteed to NEVER pass inspection, then go ahead and call for the inspection to occur. One of the Miami-Dade County building code inspectors vowed to never come out to our house again after three calls with failure to have anti-backflow devices installed on outdoor spigots. Perhaps this was in response to our accidentally flushing a toilet onto his feet when he was standing in the trench with our sewer line disconnected. Woosh!

    The second one was... interesting. He spoke not a word to us, and brought six other guys with him... to plumb a bathroom. Four of them used our yard AS a bathroom, despite the presence of a Porta-Potty. Actually, I'd rather piss in my yard than in a porta-potty.