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rzr_grl and I took a mini-vacation this week and drove out to the middle of nowhere. When we got back, we dropped off out stuff and went out in search of burritos. We were out and about in civilization no more than fifteen minutes when we saw our first display of public urination, as some crazy begging homeless woman hiked up her skirt and proceeded to pee all over her shoes and hands, right there on the sidewalk.

I guess I don't really have a clever concluding sentence to this story, sorry.

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  1. nerpdawg says:

    Are san francisco's homeless people weird? Three years in chicago, and I've never seen a homeless person pee in public.

    • dingodonkey says:

      I guess it depends on the city -- one day in Boston and I saw a homeless guy throw his own shit under a bridge.

    • waider says:

      Public urination isn't rare here, but it's more likely to be some drunken fratboy-type (sure, he may have a job in the business district, but he's still a fratboy at heart) than a homeless person. The homeless folk tend to just sit on the pavement and ask for spare change.

    • cetan says:

      Someone, don't know who, left a nice steaming load right outside the Canal St. entrance to the Northwest Metra station this winter.

      That was a fun morning treat...

    • jlindquist says:

      Yup, that's the province of drunk post-game Cubs fans. Cubs tickets, of course, having long since been priced out of any homeless person's range.

    • jette says:

      Our homeless people and street people are pretty darned special.

      Actual interchange between my friend <lj user=commonreader> and a couple of people sitting on the front steps of the house next door:

      CR: Would you please find a more private place to do that? I have children here.

      Step Sitters: NO! You need to move away if you have children, this is the Haight! It isn't a child friendly neighborhood!

      What were the people sitting on her neighbor's stairs doing?

      That's right.

      They were shooting up in broad daylight.

  2. ciphergoth says:

    "There but for the grace of God good fortune go I"?

  3. sethm says:

    If by "civilization" you mean "San Francisco"! But then, can you blame them? If it was a choice between using one of those new 25 cent "Public Toilets" and using a homeless woman's shoes, I'd take the shoes every time. It's guaranteed to be safer, and cleaner.

    (And yet, despite being the weird homless public urination capitol of the world, it's still my favorite city. Go figure.)

    • jwz says:

      Perhaps I was unclear: this was not a "when you gotta go, you gotta go" situation. She was not squatting down in a secluded corner somewhere, or even between cars. She was standing upright, in the middle of a crowded sidewalk, facing the street.

  4. atakra says:

    But the real question is, how did the burrito taste after that?

    One of the people I went to Mexico with last week spent a week and a half looking for the perfect Mexican burrito. I didn't have the heart to tell her that burritos are actually an American modification of Mexican cuisine. It took her nearly a week and a half to figure that one out, and she seemed bitterly disapointed when she did.

    • kyronfive says:

      That's true. Burritos are apparently a US invention. True Mexican cuisine does not include them.

      I discovered this MUCH TO MY CHAGRIN when Julio took me to a proper 'authentic' Mexican restaurant in San Antonio.


  5. jwilkins says:

    I loved living in San Francisco. But I lived downtown, and eventually the constant scent of urine really got to me.

  6. hafnir says:

    My favorite similar story is when they were building the parking lot next to my work, we had to park in this parking lot they'd just finished constructing that was just slightly farther (so they were building two lots, and we temporarily parked in the one that was done). Well anyway, I'm parking and there's one of the workers in a corner peeing, barely even trying to hide it. I'm like "Gee, you have a lot of pride in what you're working on!" :) Then again, I sometimes feel like my code is basically doing the same to our product. :)

  7. kyronfive says:

    if it makes you feel any better, there was one woman that used to hang out at the Horseshoe (back when it was actually a coffehouse worth going to) that would pee in front of the building all the fucking time. the people who worked there kept having to tell her to stop, but she'd keep doing it. i think she eventually got permanantly kicked out. but it was kinda funny at the time when you'd bring newbies by... "What is that women DOING?"
    "Oh, her? Peeing on the street."
    "OH MY GOD."
    "Get over it, dude, she does that ALL THE TIME."

    • baconmonkey says:

      They should have just jept a super-soaker on hand. hell, that usually works for keeping cats from scratching/eating stuff.

      "No hopeless-lady, that's my pot pie!"

  8. cyeh says:

    Every year or so, the Santa Cruz Sentinel (the local newspaper) gets its panties all in a bunch about the problem of "street people" in downtown Santa Cruz.

    Now most of these street people are young bored people, with the occasional street musician and pan handler interspersed along the 5 block street. Almost all the street people are gone come nightfall, so you only see them during the daytime.

    It's all and all pretty tame.

    However, the Sentinel prints all sorts of letters to the editor, talking about those dangerous, smelly homeless people and how they feel threatened by their presence, and my goodness, how our downtown is as bad as San Francisco.

    Everytime I see a letter or an article like that, I feel like dragging said person by the ears to downtown San Francisco and force them to walk back and forth down the bad section of Market Street to let them know what real city homeless look like.

    • nosrialleon says:

      When I was there, the kids would move from the street and over to that Taco Bell at night.
      I would always sneer at the little kids who were slumming, and give quarters to the ones that were obviously old and fucked up...

  9. cyantist says:

    i think that same woman urinated in front of my house the other day. she later gave a guy a blowjob in the side door of the cat club. sexy.