the glass teat

  1. Somehow I have missed last week's episodes of both 24 and Angel. Tivo, why hast thou forsaken me?

  2. The convenient coincidences and ham-hlanded forshadowing in 24 make me really angry. Very nearly throw-things-at-the-TV angry. But at least Jack's god damned daughter wasn't in the latest episode at all.

  3. I think that in the last few episodes, Penn and Teller have been spending less time showing "these commonly held beliefs are bullshit" and more time showing "some people who believe these things are inarticulate and not very bright." It's disappointing, because they didn't fall back on that tactic so much in the earlier episodes.

  4. Faith is a bit less annoying now than she was the first time around. But still pretty annoying.

  5. Even though Firefly is no more, it's good to see that Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres have gotten transferred over to the Buffyverse. They both do evil really well!

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