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  • I knew I could count on Mr. Zombie to deliver on the schlock horror front, and House of a Thousand Corpses did not disappoint. There are evil clown psychos, "Doctor Satan", premature burial bunny suits, and Karen Black. Joe Bob says check it out.

    The first half is great, but the second half kind of tapers off. At first I was thinking, "ok, he's doing the `Natural Born Killers' thing instead of the `Hills Have Eyes' thing." But no, once the second half gets going, it's the 'Hills Have Eyes' thing. Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you.

    It must be a fucking blast to be Rob Zombie.

  • The SciFi Channel is rerunning Cleopatra 2525 which I recommend most enthusiastically. I was totally bummed when that show got cancelled: it's Kung Fu Barbarella! It worked because it was a comedy in which the characters all thought they were in an action movie (as opposed to the never-funny Xena, where the characters all knew they were in a comedy.) And there's actually some interesting future-history world-building hidden in there, too. Plus, did I mention, kung fu wire-fighting Cyberdog girls. Oh, and also giant robots and evil clowns (as above.)

  • Tremors the Series sucks, don't even bother.

  • "Dude, Where's My Sacred Scroll?" was a perfectly adequate kung fu movie. Good fights, and it was not nearly the groaner I expected from the previews. Keanu-bot and Avril-bot versus the Super-Nazi! (no, not the Red Skull, though that would have been cool.) This movie featured no clowns whatsoever.

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one more nail pounded through the dessicated corpse of Netscape...

A Reliable Informant tells me that all email addresses ending in "netscape.com" will be going away within the next week or so: everyone in the Netscape division will now be required to use AOL Mail!

Presumably the "mozilla.org" folks will be able to hang on to those addresses, but damn. As I understand it, AOL mail doesn't even have folders, and the maximum data retention is some small number of days: after that, your mail just vaporizes. Whee!

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DNA Lounge:

Photos of sunday's Pigface, Thrill Kill Kult, Zeromancer, and Bile show are up now, as well as monday's Tarmvred, Iszoloscope, and Exclipsect show.

Apparently the rambling I did in my last entry about laptop acts wasn't very clear to some folks, so let me try that again. First of all, like I said, I did enjoy the music on monday, that's not what I was talking about at all. It just seems to me that when someone is standing there on stage doing their thing, they're saying to the audience, "Watch me. The show is over here." And yet, so often, there's no show.

In the case of a dj, this is somewhat expected: with a few very rare exceptions (Disco D comes to mind), djs don't do anything that's interesting to look at, so people don't really watch them: they dance, or socialize, or whatever. But at live shows, people tend to stand around in rapt attention at whatever's happening on stage, whether there's anything to see or not.

Cybrid are an example of a laptop band who actually have a show: they've got that whole Run DMC gag they do, plus having a vocalist always gives you something to watch. But mostly, laptop acts tend to be one or two guys with their bobbing heads buried in their gear. You assume they're up there creating music, but without going up there and standing next to them, you can't really tell that they're not just playing Tetris or checking their email. When you're watching a drummer, you can tell what he's doing. Drummers and guitarists are just inherently more photogenic than typists, since what they do involves actually moving around.

I guess what I'd say to laptop acts is, "if you have no stage presence, there's a lot to be said for getting a good slideshow."

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