rube goldberg car commercial

This is a neat (Flash) clip of some crazy gravity-contraption made out of car parts. Or at least I think it would be very cool, if it wasn't in a non-resizable postage stamp. As it is, I can't tell whether it was done with editing tricks or CGI, since I can barely see what's going on at all. It always baffles me why web "designers" go out of their way to make it so that you are forced to watch movies in postage stamps that can't be enlarged. Are they designing exclusively for WebTV or what?
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DNA Lounge: Wherein we witness the sad clown stylings of Baconmonkey.

Sad Clown

Well, the Dark Night in Karny Town event we had on sunday was great fun. The performances were hilarious, and most of the audience came in costume! I had a great time. And, you know, like most people, I find clowns extremely creepy. But this time, the club was filled with (and I certainly never expected to hear myself use these words together) clown hotties. I find myself forced to somewhat reconsider my longstanding position on clowns.

Speaking of clowns, Devon, one of our beloved employees, had the night off, and rocked it like only a clown can. I direct you to exhibit A, on your right. Look what he did to my sidewalk! I think we have our next company Christmas card already, and it's only April.

You wouldn't think such a big puddle could come out of such a skinny guy, would you? While this was going on, someone was overheard to say, "I really wish this was happening on a playground full of kids."

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Fusion reactors sure do look cool:

(Articles at NYT and Sandia; 2400x1595 JPEG here.)

Astronaut Don Pettit demonstrates how to drink tea with chopsticks!

And also peanut butter, honey, and crackers. You must watch these Quicktimes: Reel 1 (4.9 Mb), Reel 2 (1.4 Mb), Reel 3 (2.5 Mb), Reel 4 (2.6 Mb).

Check out his forearms at the end when he's smashing the can and his muscles tense up at the end of the last video: he looks like an anatomy drawing wrapped in skin! I wonder if he's just naturally wiry, or if being in space turns you into Iggy Pop?

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