xscreensaver 4.09

XScreenSaver 4.09 out now.

Bouncing Cow is the funniest. Thing. Ever. I can't explain why it's so damned funny, but I just can't stop giggling every time it comes on.

"glslideshow" is a clone of the OSX slideshow screensaver, with the slow panning and the smooth fades. It's nice, but it will hurt you bad if you don't have hardware GL.

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10 Responses:

  1. fo0bar says:

    Yes, there is nothing more hillarious than a bouncing cow.

  2. altamira16 says:

    In the last picture, did the toaster eat the cow?

  3. bradfitz says:

    It's been awhile since I built a desktop machine and I've been getting the itch lately.

    Any recommendations on 3D cards that do GL well in Linux? (though honestly, the only time I need GL is screensavers....)

    Right now I have a Matrox G400 and it's okay, but it seems that the upperhand in video switches every 6 months or so and I can never keep track of who's good.

    • jwz says:

      I recommend you get an SGI O2. They're about $200 these days.

      Oh wait, that wasn't actually helpful, was it.

    • injector says:

      ATI seems to have the best supported of the fast cards. But I don't think DRI interface needed for the hardware accelorated GLX extension works with any card(s) while using Xinerama. So you can have 2+ monitors or fast GL (of course you can have 2 different config files one with Xinerama, one with DRI).

      • jonabbey says:

        ATI? You think? NVidia doesn't have open source drivers, but their kernel module has been pretty solid on Linux for a long time, and they've even got a 64 bit version if you can score an Opteron.

        • injector says:

          I won't depend on any binary only code, I've seen support go away for too many things. But other than that, it is looking like ATI is beating nVidia in performance in the Windows world now anyway. Also with the source I can have a Opteron binary for the ATI drivers also.

          Speaking of Opterons, and thusly newer technologies like PCI-X. Does anyone know if there are any PCI-X video cards being made yet?

      • jwz says:

        I really don't like Xinerama at all. It puts all this broken crap in the way, screws up acceleration, demands that all your screens be the same, depth, etc: and it gives you exactly one feature, the ability to move windows from one screen to another. Ok, that's a cute feature, but the cost is way too high. Plus, half the time you end up with dialog boxes that unreadably straddle the gap between screens (since they're "centered!")

        I just use normal multi-screen mode, launch programs on the screens I want them on, and leave them there. Works great.

        Well, as great as anything works under X.

        (Oh, also, xscreensaver looks like ass under Xinerama, since there's no way to make it do anything besides run one hack that straddles all the screens: in "real" multi-screen mode, xscreensaver will run different hacks on each monitor. It's impossible to make that work with Xinerama, since there's no access to the underlying Displays.)