"voodoo protest-o-nomics"

Bob Glickstein wrote:

MTV Europe does not want to show any, that is not any, B52s videos.

On the theory, I suppose, that if they can make the B-52's feel the economic pain of this war, they'll communicate it up the chain to the White House, which will call it off.


5 Responses:

  1. zonereyrie says:

    So are they going to stop showing U2 videos as well? ;-) How about SR-71? Or are they safe since the USAF retired them?

  2. kyronfive says:

    Because Fred Schneider, as well all know, has the ear of Bush Jr.

  3. injector says:

    MTV has it all wrong anyway. The B52s didn't name themselves after the airplane. Their bio says that the name came from a rare vitamin in the B complex.