the scum speak

Life During Wartime:
"I don't know if the majority of people in this society are ready to drop their conventional beliefs at the drop of a dime and instantly realize the benefits and great fun that can be had by looting, street fighting with the police, and blocking major roads. To me, that would be an optimistic situation."

4 Responses:

  1. omnifarious says:

    Given your previous post, it looks as if the Black Bloc have arrived at their own answer to the question that <lj user="slit"/> proposes.

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, apparently instead of fleeing to the third world, they want to turn this into the third world. I so completely fail to see the logic of "let's force the government to impose martial law! That will make my life better!"

      Oh wait, there I go assuming that these idiots have actually thought through the consequences of their actions, rather than just being the gutterpunk equivalent of Raiders fans.