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Wow, listening to live MP3 streams of San Francisco police scanners is great entertainment today.

(I'm not gonna tell you which URL I'm listening to, because I don't want it to get overloaded and go away.)

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  1. candid says:

    I've been listening to SF Indymedia, which is entertainment from the flipside.

  2. dammit give us the scoop!!!

  3. That's a good idea. I tuned into the NYC police stream, but there is not that much excitement there.

    Lots of checking in. Some requests for a "bus" (that's an ambulance).

  4. jlindquist says:

    Yeah, I can see not handing out the URL, but share some highlights at least! What kinda wacky stuff is going on up there?

    All we had down here (scenic conservative San Diego) was a bunch of protesters walking around downtown beating drums, being accompanied by riot police. The news footage of protesters seated on the sidewalk before a human wall of armored cops reminded me too much of Transmetropolitan. All they needed was "SUBMIT NOW" painted across their shields.

    • jwz says:

      Oh, nothing you couldn't learn from other web sites; sounds like most of mission/market from 7th east is a clusterfuck. Bottles, rocks, riot gear, the usual. But it's very entertaining hearing it filtered through dispatchers and panicky officious voices with all the cop/military terminology.

      • owen says:

        In 2002 when the Patriots won the Superbowl, there was quite a scene on Boston's police radiowaves. From my journal entry at the time:

        I have been listening to my cop scanner since 10:30. Here are some quotes from the evening, as heard mostly on the District 4 Operations channel, and also on Special Ops:

        "All first shift units are being held over until further notice from Operations." [There was supposed to be a shift change at 10:30, but the officers that would have gone off shift were kept on until later in the evening.]

        "They have shut down Lansdowne street and are destroying cars."

        "It's a riot down here."

        "If the MBTA police have any extra officers, please send them to Kenmore Square, the whole street has been blocked off."

        "Hemenway street number 149 they're flipping a car over."

        "This is gonna get ugly out here." -- Kenmore

        "They have turned a car over on Hemenway and set fire to the vehicle."

        "There's not much we can do."

        "All the people from Lansdowne street appear to be heading towards Kenmore Square."
        "There's nothing we can do about it. This area is shut down."

        "There's about three more cars about to be tipped over on Hemenway street."

        "We got a couple thousand people in the middle of the street." --Kenmore

        "Well we've lost control but we need that street shut down."

        "Fire is stuck in the crowd, they can't move." [Fire department could not get through the crowd to put out the car fire.]

        "I need ten units from special operations to report to Harvard and Brighton ASAP." [At this point I tuned my second scanner to the special ops channel.]

        "316 Huntington, Fire's saying they can't move they're stuck in the crowd."

        "Go do down the armory, and get all the gas and all the fog that you can, and bring it to Brighton and Harvard." [Call for tear gas, I think, on special ops.]

        "We got any more units coming to Kenmore square, we're starting to lose it again."

        "We have a black male, 20 to 25 years, who has been shot. Paramedics are on scene."

        "They've just tipped over a car on Yawkey way."

        • baconmonkey says:

          there's a mention of Fog in there.

          I wonder why anarchists haven't bothered toying with Dry Ice, smoke-bombs, or using nightclub foggers to obscure and divert?

          oh wait, that's cuz the average WWF addicted 15-year old can't plan for shit.

          a friend fo mine has a pair of big mofo jemm foggers (not hazers), and he's blocked out the sun outside in broad daylight before with just one of them.

          and those orange smoke markers put out obscene ammounts of smoke.

  5. omnifarious says:

    We need more P2P streaming tech so you don't have to hoard URLs like this. :-)

  6. jorm says:

    "We're gonna need some more troops out here at Post street - the CHiPPies just ran away from here."

    "They weren't happy with the tactics being used so they ran back to the theatre."

  7. bdu says:

    My scanner stream was just playing KMFDM- godlike over the scanner. I find this amusing.

    • anonymous says:

      Cool dude, im from the same place as DIngo donkey... what fregenice is playign KMFDM.. that band kick so major ass

  8. dingodonkey says:

    It couldn't possibly be half as exciting as scanning the Horseheads Police Department! ... ... my town is a joke

    • anonymous says:

      Well, acculy this is Chelseas bro.. if i recall you one of her frinds on that stupid internet thingy. uhhh... aim.. but anyway i agree.. ooo horseheads how excitng.. you can here them come arest me for skating behind LRC... i got cop brutality stories. I enjoy kmfdm a lot and i woudl rather listen to that then the Pigs in blue clothing.