map of the dino-crater

"Dinosaur-Killer" Asteroid Crater Imaged for First Time

"Using sophisticated imaging technology, NASA and the U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) have produced the first topographic indication of Chicxulub, the impact crater on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. Scientists believe the impact was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs and more than 70 percent of Earth's living species 65 million years ago."

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  1. netik says:

    There was work done nearly ten years ago (1991) that produced a magnetic image of the impact, and some ideas where the ejecta from it may have gone (the Pacific Ocean).

    My ex-girlfriend worked with James Head at Brown University on Impact Craters, and always brought home stacks of data on the impact. Although many people dispute the crater and it's extinction theory, there's so much evidence that it happened.

    You've got shocked quartz, the global iridium layer at the KT Boundary in the ground (iridium is not a earth metal; it only comes from meteors), and both gravitational and magnetic anomalies at Chicxulub. This is the first time I've seen someone try to topographically image the impact, but the topo image doesn't appear to be much different than the magnetic imaging.

    • klarfax says:

      iridium is not that uncommon in the earth's crust, it's just in much higher concentration in asteroids.

      • netik says:

        It's extremely uncommon; to the order of a few parts per billion in the Earth's crust and upper mantle.

        There's large quantities in the earth's core and meteorites, and that's what large parts of the impact theory are based on.

        There's a pretty good paper here:

        • netik says:

          When searching around for articles, I also found this stinking heap of dino dung:

          The Bible provides the only coherent framework within which we can properly interpret history, including that of the dinosaurs. Other theories are doomed to failure, even the glamorous `deep impact' theory, because all circumstantial evidence counts for nothing if it ignores the only eye-witness account we have of Creation and the Flood - the Bible.

          Apparently the Bible knows best. Stupid creationists.