making fire with ice

Bookmark this for the next time you're trapped in the arctic with no technology.


16 Responses:

  1. malokai says:

    uhm. how do I melt the ice in the artic without a fire to begin with?

      • malokai says:

        shouldn't you be conserving that as a source of body temperature liquid and drink it? Besides, the urea in the urine would block out a good deal of the lower part of the light spectrum.

      • adcott says:

        I guess in that case you could cut out the hard part and just pee all over yourself.

    • freiheit says:

      You find clear ice someplace and start carving. Possibly starting with a sledgehammer and hoping for a chip about the right size and shape.

      Use your own body heat for the small-scale smoothing melting, of course.

  2. earle says:

    Ah, but in the arctic where do you find wood?

  3. More importantly -- how am I gonna check my bookmarks?

  4. kyronfive says:

    how exactly am i supposed to access this site when i'm trapped in the artic with no technology?

  5. past_tense says:

    On a sunny bake-outside day last June I lit a cigarette using the sun and the reflector from a disassembled flashlight. They called me a geek. Now they can kneel before my winter ice-lighting skills. Bwahahaha!

  6. I wonder if this can be done with a jellyfish.