love the quality control

So, I don't know nothin' about this whole newfangled file-sharing nonsense that the kids are in to these days. But what I do know is, I just bought the album "Sorted" by Dj Acucrack, and cdparanoia refuses to rip the last two tracks ("Optimizer" and "Selector vs. The Acucrack".) When I turn off "extra paranoia", it will rip track 11 with horrible skips; and it won't touch track 12 at all. They played ok when I dusted off a "real" CD player though, and the other tracks ripped fine. No obvious surface defects.

Any of you got MP3s of those, or know where to find them?

I spent ten minutes playing with gtk-gnutella, but it was useless (and I fully expect that it went and uploaded my passwd file somewhere for my trouble. It seemed enthusiastic like that.)

Update: Got 'em! Thanks, substitute!

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  1. knowbuddy says:

    BitTorrent has gotten to be quite popular lately. It probably wouldn't kill you to browse through Donkax and see if it is there, and post a request if it is not.

  2. exoskeleton says:

    ...if you have, say, a Macintosh lying around, you could always shove it in there and rip it using iTunes.

  3. substitute says:

    grabbed 'em on soulseek and sent you mail :)

  4. nachtfalke says:

    Have you tried ripping it with a recent version of cdda2wav? I found out that cdda2wav does a much better job of ripping cds these days, and it also includes the paranioa libs. And it works like charm on most copy proteced silver discs.

  5. vxo says:

    Hmmm.. it didn't show up in this listing of corrupt ("copy protected") discs.

    Supposedly, DVD-ROM drives are a little better at ripping from such discs, but I've had better luck with my CD-RW drive. There are certainly a lot of 'old wives' tales' about the issue...

    Meanwhile... gtk-gnutella works pretty well for me, but the gnutella network has a few really stupid flaws... first, it takes a while to find a live host that isn't at its maximum number of connections to get you into the network. Second, searches take ages to get any useful results, and third, there are a metric shitload of nodes that people have fucked around with so they return results to any keyword they see with .html files that redirect you to pr0n sites. You can set it to block results from those nodes, but there really should be a better solution. Oh yes, it's also rather amusing to see where dumb Windows users have shared their entire c: drive, and you can see the contents of someone's c:\windows\cookies fly past...

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, I doubt it's a "protected" disc, since the first 10 tracks ripped just fine. Odd that there are no visible scratches, though. I guess it's bad media in some more subtle way.

      • cyeh says:

        Could be that spinning the disk too fast causes it to be unreadable. I vaguely recall this being an issue with the faster spindle drives came out.

  6. vxo says:

    ... yes, they can be made unreadable by rotation at excessive speed...