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The World's Oldest Eye

The sparkle in the world's oldest eye belongs to Shirley Gordon, who celebrates 50 years of second sight on Wednesday. As Australia's first successful dual corneal transplant recipient, she will toast the donors whose rare gifts kept blindness at bay.

Her left eye operation was carried out on March 5, 1953 by ophthalmologist Sir Thomas a'Beckett Travers in Melbourne's St Ives Hospital.

The donor was believed to be aged 80, making the graft 130 years old and still going strong.

[...] "It is incredible to think I have living tissue older than anyone has lived - the blessing of sight has given me a very different life," she said. Professor Doug Coster, who now cares for Mrs Gordon, said: "It is unusual to have a transplant that has lasted for 50 years... it is very encouraging for other recipients."

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