Liberty Fries

South Korean anti-war activists, wearing a U.S. President George W. Bush mask and a costume representing an Iraqi woman, protest on a logo of McDonalds restaurant in Seoul March 26, 2003. (REUTERS/Rhee Dong-Min)

The head of the replica of the Statue of Liberty is photographed in Bordeaux, southwestern France, Wednesday March 26, 2003, after vandals set it on fire overnight Tuesday. The main damage to the 8-foot statue is at its crowned head which is blackened from the arson attack. The eyes of the statue are marked up with red paint, apparently to symbolize tears of blood. (AP Photo/Damien Lafargue)

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  1. An earlier version of the statue had been melted down by German occupiers in World War II.

    I also liked this:

    We are talking about people throwing bottles and excrement, smashing windows, writing insulting graffiti," an exasperated Javier Arenas, secretary-general of the party, told reporters. "What type of pacifism are we talking about?"

  2. morie_ko says:

    it's funny the M looks like a butt and the bobmb well you get it, right?