Judge Dredd goes to China

China Fields Eighteen Mobile Execution Vans

"Modernization in China rolls on with eighteen mobile execution vans on the prowl to fulfill the edicts of the Intermediate Courts of the southern province of Yunnan as well as the cities of Harbin and Shanghai. [...]

The new $60,000 execution "death on wheels" vans are converted 24-seater buses. The vehicles look like ordinary police vans except they are marked with the Chinese word "court". The windowless execution chamber at the back contains a metal bed on which the prisoner is strapped down. A police officer presses a button and an automatic syringe plunges a lethal drug into the prisoner's vein. The execution can be watched on a video monitor next to the driver's seat and be recorded if required.

China's legal system executes an estimated 15,000 people per year and allows only one appeal. When appeals against the death penalty are rejected, the sentence is carried out immediately, sometimes within hours."

"A woman is taken away for execution after being sentenced to death in Beijing in 2001."

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17 Responses:

  1. Again with the fembots?

  2. zhixel says:

    mmmm disciplinarians

  3. rivian says:

    I'm not sure I completely understand. Do these busses go around to prisons that are not equipped with lethal injection devices? Certainly someone appealing a death sentence is already in jail? Seems like a sort of inefficient way to go about it. It reminds me of reading up on the old Soviet Union method. They had designated executioners, so the condemned had to wait until the travelling executioner made weekly/monthly stop at their jail.

  4. Actually, it doesn't seem like too bad a system to me. First of all you've got to keep in mind that China has over a billion people. Which makes for alot of prisoners. I don't know what percentage of their people are in their prisons, but I would guess that the volume at least is much higher than in the united states. It seems to me that it would probably be alot cheaper to have moble death labs than to have one at every prison. If a prison only executes a few people a month, that would hardly be enough to keep the executioners busy. You just have the execution bus make its rounds, pick up a dozen or so condemed prisoners, process them while you're on the road and stop off at the cemetary/landfill at the end of the day.

    I have to say, if you're going to have a death penalty, you might as well enforce it. Unlike in America where getting the death penalty doesn't really mean much.

  5. thesliver says:

    Cool uniforms, I'll just go and lie down for a moment.

  6. osmosys says:

    What are these people getting busted for?

  7. spendocrat says:

    Families who want to reclaim the body are charged for the bullet.


  8. darwinx0r says:

    Those fembots sure seem to put the lie to the "if womyn were in positions of power there'd be no strife" concept..

    cute tho. :?


  9. bokane says:

    Yeah - I'm living in Harbin, and so there was stuff on the TV news here that translatd, I shit you not, to "And as part of China's process of modernization and development toward the goal of a socialist democracy, mobile execution units were introduced today..."

    I will say, though, that this strikes me as better than the old system, where people were shot, often badly (ie not immediately-fatally), and tha families were charged for the bullet.