I think of this ad every friday night at DNA

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5 Responses:

  1. cyeh says:

    Put me in the clueless camp, but I don't see the connection.

    • jwz says:

      The latest fashion trend is girls wearing tight pants that are cut so low that you see ass crack. It's really amazingly unflattering.

      • cyeh says:

        Ahh. A variant of the "I must show you my midriff even though I'm really about 30 pounds overweight to really pull this off without accenting my huge gut."

      • injector says:

        I thought the usual responce to seeing an ass crack in a bar like environment was to see if you could drop a peanut in it. I don't see how this differs.

  2. I was at the DNA last Halloween on vacation, which was cool and not a mistake. But I went again the following day, which was a Friday. That definitely *was* a mistake. I lasted long enough to finish my drink and plan my escape route on a kiosk. My God! The hos! The awful, skanky ho-osity was staggering!

    However, I wound up at Jezebel's Joint, which isn't exactly what you'd call *classy*. But I did consider it much more *fun*.

    My Friday DNA experience was a poignant lesson why jwz is such a bitter, bitter man.