"I got a politician on deck that could choke a rhino"

A carnival float shows paper mache figure of German conservative opposition leader Angela Merkel emerging from the buttocks of Uncle Sam during the traditional Rose Monday carnival parade in Duesseldorf, March 3, 2003. Merkel has strongly criticized the German government's anti-Iraq war stance and recently visited Washington. The Rose Monday parades in Cologne, Mainz and Duesseldorf are the highlight of the German street carnival season. REUTERS/Ina Fassbender

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4 Responses:

  1. anthologie says:

    What makes this extra beautiful is that the writer has the word "assbender" in her name.

  2. mattlazycat says:

    I can't bring myself to comment on the sentiment, I'm just laughing my ass off at the sculpture. Could you make a whole bunch of them fly around like fucked up recto-humano-insertion flying toasters for the next version of x-screensaver? Please? Maybe make the flag-waving arms flap like wings. Very pythonesque.

  3. thesliver says:

    Its good to see that satire is alive and well somewhere.

  4. marzella says:

    i'm going to make a life-sized paper mache for the first time, and this crazy image linked me to ur journal. u have a lot of impressive things to say.