Hellraiser PC

Coolest. Casemod. Ever.

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  1. "...I built the box. And I solved it. And they came..."

  2. badger says:

    Hmm, wonder what happens if all you do is open the CD tray? Is that the same as opening the box?

  3. psymbiotic says:


    Egan >:>

    • injector says:

      The guy who built this case said he made changes to the patterns. He said after doing some research on the web he found the meaning behind them to be evil. So what I want to know is what are these evil meanings. I figure replying to your post might be a good place to start. I did try searching the web, I managed to find the orginal case mod site, but not much else.

  4. cecilmk says:

    hey dude, randomly found your journal, and I think I've heard of you before, I work at the music channel as a graphic designer, and we, locals only I know has filmed shows at your night club, that would probaly ring a bell : ) hee. Your lj has some coot shit, I'm gonna add it if you dont mind : )


  5. So does the bottle of Corona represent your soul?

  6. baconmonkey says:

    I presonally got a kick out of

    "It was inspired by the design of Clive Barker's Puzzle Box from the HellRaiser movies. I've changed it a bit because although I think the design is beautiful, I'm not comfortable with all that evil stuff. "