get your war on #22

get your war on #22
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  1. The ATC crack is funny, because I've also been a little surprised at the completely uncritical tone on NPR lately.

  2. cessibaby says:

    thats some hilarious shit! where is that from anyways? I read some earlier ones, especially liked the 'President Bush is thinking about forcing canadians into refugee camps and giving Canada to the Palastinians, which would solve the problem' hehe those poor canadians!

  3. patrick says:

    I always forget to check that comic. Thank god for livejournal, or else I would always miss the updates to that site. heh.

  4. reddragdiva says:

    And it's now banned by my workplace pr0nfilter. w00t!

    (ghodknows what I'd do if they blocked LJ.)

    • jwz says:

      That is messed up!

      What qualifies it as pr0n? The swearing? Or the thinking?

      • reddragdiva says:

        Someone marked it as an 'offensive' URL. Fuck knows what they're thinking - a friend of mine has , an inoffensive personal page full of snapshots of goths out being silly, blocked by several of these freaks, and is currently trying to get it removed from pr0nfilters one by one.

        The same pr0nfilter catches . Which just happens to be a popular commercial radio station in London.

      • reddragdiva says:

        "Internet access is intended to be used for legitimate business related purposes only. To prevent the intentional or unintentional transmission, viewing or storage of inappropriate or unprofessional, harassing, offensive or slanderous material, access is being blocked to unsuitable, non-business web sites including hate, gambling and pornography sites"

        (That should be enough for someone to figure out where I work.)