astronomical lies

It occurs to me that when we actually get out into space, it's going to be a real let-down to look out the window. Because all those great pictures of nebulae and gas clouds and pulsars that we're so familiar with -- most of that stuff ain't real. Those are false-color images doing tricks like "let's use red to indicate oxygen". Most of the action is way outside the range of human vision.

Though, I guess by the time we get out there, we'll be able to just ratchet our vision up into the far-infrared at will, so maybe that'll be fine.

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wrist phone

"Recently Samsung announced the availability of their Wrist Phone at the CeBit 2003.

The Wristomo Wrist Phone unique design lets users transform it into a handset. The phone supports web browsing with up to 64kbps. Wristomo can receive and transmit Emails with maximum size of 3,000 characters. The Watch can synchronize with MS Outlook via a data cable. The size of the Wrist Phone is 171.5x40.4x18.5mm, and it's weight is 113g. It is even water-proof. It supports continous talk-time for 120min. and 200 min. standby. Price expected to be 50,000yen."

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space junk!

Meteor Chunks Crash In Chicago Suburb, Light Up Night Sky

A sudden flash of light and a thunderous explosion left midwest residents wondering if the war had come to the far south suburbs of Chicago on Wednesday night.

This larger chunk was found in Garza's son's room after the shower.

The force of the falling meteor chunk caused this damage to the ceiling of a Park Forest home.

Scientists are now gathering fragments, urging the public to turn over any pieces found for further study.

Residents from 4 States Report Seeing Bright Light

PARK FOREST, Ill. -- A freelance photographer shooting a fire in south suburban Park Forest captured a bright flash of light (pictured, left) that "turned midnight to noon" for several seconds, and police said it appeared it was the breaking up of a meteorite.

Huge chunks of rock-like objects from the suspected meteorite damaged the roofs of two homes, but nobody was injured. Park Forest Police Captain Francis DioGuardi said a large chunk also landed on a residential street and broke apart, slightly damaging the siding of another home.

People in several states throughout the Midwest reported seeing a bright flash of light in the sky last night. NBC5's Kim Vatis said that besides Illinois, reports came from Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. The National Weather Service agreed that the flash of light was caused by either a meteorite or piece of space debris.

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