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So, I don't know nothin' about this whole newfangled file-sharing nonsense that the kids are in to these days. But what I do know is, I just bought the album "Sorted" by Dj Acucrack, and cdparanoia refuses to rip the last two tracks ("Optimizer" and "Selector vs. The Acucrack".) When I turn off "extra paranoia", it will rip track 11 with horrible skips; and it won't touch track 12 at all. They played ok when I dusted off a "real" CD player though, and the other tracks ripped fine. No obvious surface defects.

Any of you got MP3s of those, or know where to find them?

I spent ten minutes playing with gtk-gnutella, but it was useless (and I fully expect that it went and uploaded my passwd file somewhere for my trouble. It seemed enthusiastic like that.)

Update: Got 'em! Thanks, substitute!

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Cop Shoot Cop

I have come to you today to speak of Cop Shoot Cop's 1994 album "Release." This album is just such a boot to the head, that as your attorney, I must advise you to obtain and listen to it immediately.

I find it hard to write about music, but I've had this album for years, and it just keeps getting better and better the more I listen to it. Let me put it this way:

    This album is as good as Gang of 4's "Entertainment."

Strong words, I know. But there it is.

Every song on this album has the ability to just get in my gut, dig in its fingers and twist: "It Only Hurts When I Breathe", "Slackjaw", "Any Day Now", "Suckerpunch"... I can't even pick a favorite. The lyrics, the hammering basslines, it's all just so fucking good.

I saw Cop Shoot Cop once, at the Warfield in, I guess, 1993? I think they were opening for someone. At the time, I only knew one song, "$10 Bill", which was getting some radio play. A good song, but I wish I had been more familiar with their material, or had gotten to see them again before they broke up. I remember being really impressed with them even though I didn't know their stuff, especially at the fact that they had basically two and a half drummers, including a whole bunch of scrap metal.

I picked up "Psychopharmacology" by Firewater, the next band that CSC's singer started, but it didn't really grab me.

I missed the boat on Gang of 4, too: I'll never forgive myself for passing up a chance to see them live in 1984(?), because at the time all I knew them by was "I Love a Man in Uniform". I've bought tickets to see them twice since, each time they had re-formed, and both times the tour was canceled before it made it to the west coast (first their tour with Public Enemy and Sisters of Mercy (!), then later, a show at The Stone for which they just failed to appear for who-knows-what reason.)

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