do you want fries with that?

"French riot policemen protect a McDonald's restaurant in downtown Strasbourg, eastern France, Saturday, March 22, 2003. Demonstrators threw fake blood and pieces of meat against the window of the fast-food restaurant to protest against the U.S.-led war in Iraq. (AP Photo/Christian Lutz)"

It is perhaps somewhat less than comforting to note that this bomb has been out of warranty for nine years:

"A GBU-24 'Bunker Buster' Hard Target Penatrator 2,000 lb bomb rests in a bomb cradle in the Hanger bay aboard the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk in the Gulf, Saturday March 22, 2003. Planes from the carrier flew 100 missions in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom Friday with 35 being strike missions. None of the 35 strike missions dropped ordinance. Sticker on the guidance portion reads 'this item is under warranty until the last day of 6-94'. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)"
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DNA Lounge: Wherein I direct your attention toward the calendar.

I noticed a funny thing on the calendar the other day: we've got five consecutive weekends of events I'm actually looking forward to! I don't think that's happened before. Usually there's about one a month that piques my interest. But we've got:

So how about that! I guess things are shaping up.

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Who Would Jesus Webcast?

  • BBC has a live RealVideo webcast from a camera on top of a building in Baghdad. I guess we'll know the blitzkreig shocknaw is in full effect when it goes bluescreen. I'm especially amused that the URL has /sport/live/ in it.
  • Google refuses an ad for a "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" bumper sticker, because it is "hate speech."

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