Stargate Dialer Simulator

Stargate Dialer Simulator: This is an amazingly detailed/obsessive simulation of the dialing computer from Stargate SG-1: it lets you click on glyphs to dial, and occasionally someone tries to dial in... It's Flash, but it comes packed inside Mac and Windows executables (the latter runs fine for me under WINE.)

(this will only be funny if you regularly went to House of Usher 9+ years ago)

Last night at the Death Guild anniversary, they played that Malign song (it might as well not even have a name, since it's the only one that ever gets played) and I went up and fed Ed and Mollie a punchline, which was that after the song they should get on the mic and say "that was San Francisco's own Malign! On sale at coat check!" Of course they didn't, because neither of them understand comedy.
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A fashion photographer takes pictures in front of a Patriot anti-missile system deployed in north Tel Aviv, March 17, 2003. (Eric Sultan/Reuters)

With the Washington Monument in the background, an Avenger anti-aircraft missile launcher sits atop a Humvee standing guard in Washington Tuesday, March 18, 2003. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
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