two monsters

Plastic masks of Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush are seen on an assembly line at a Brazil costume factory, February 5, 2003. The factory rushed to fill orders for the popular masks ahead of Brazil's Carnival festivities. REUTERS/Sergio Moraes

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  1. icis_machine says:

    masks are the only thing you can score?

  2. firewallender says:

    Odd, I can only see one monster. One of them seems to be fighting for the good, the other for his own tyranicle purposes. One of them was told to disarm by the UN 12 years ago, and decieved the UN and lied to us all.

    • patrick says:

      I can only see one monster

      George Bush?

      • firewallender says:

        Oh-ho... that was witty. No, in fact, I was actually referring to Saddam Hussein. You remember him, don't you? You know, that little fellow who distroyed whole villages of his own people and who uses things such as rape as forms of torture?? You know, the guy who basically gave the finger to the world when he ignored the UN resolution for him to disarm? Yeah, that's the guy... there's your monster.

    • jwz says:

      Your argument is very strong! "This man is good because this other man is bad!" Thank you for the in-depth explanation.

      • firewallender says:

        I appreciate someone who's not afraid to use sarcasim to make their point on the internet (seriously). I did stress the Hussein is indeed a monster point, however I did say that one was fighting for good. I just think that comparing them is ridiculous.

        Bush may not be perfect, but considering his leadership during a very difficult time to be the President (9/11, Iraq, N. Korea, even the recent NASA tragedy) I would say that he is a far cry from a monster- especially one like Saddam Hussein!

        • jwz says:

          I'd say that someone who wipes his ass with the US Constitution is far more dangerous in the long term than someone who merely kills thousands of people.

          What "leadership"? Treating the citizens he is sworn to protect as presumed-guilty criminals? Denying those suspected of crimes of due process or legal representation?

          • firewallender says:

            What leadership?? Did you even bother to watch the State of the Union address???

            I think it's abhorant that you consider killing thousands of people "merely" killing thousands of people. As far as your last two sentances, I think Bush is if anything too easy when it comes to US security. Our boarders are practically unguarded!

            Anyways, I have a test in the morning so I'm going to have to bid you a goodnight and farewell.

          • babysimon says:

            I don't think you get the point, unpatriot.

            The point is that Bush has appeared on TV describing terrorists as bad people. That's leadership.

            After all, it's not as if he has chemical weapons, or wasn't elected democratically.

    • bostonsteamer says:

      "tyranicle" = tyrannosaurus testicle?