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Possibly-hoaxed "Partnership For a Drug Free America" commercials extolling the virtues of being "straightedge" (quicktime):

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  1. zztzed says:

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    View at your own risk.

  2. king_mob says:

    As someone who drank that particular flavor of Koolaid when I was a teenager, I found those deeply disturbing.

    Also, in the "evidence that it's hoaxed" column, note that they are reciting the lyrics to "Straight Edge" by Minor Threat, complete with the bad words. I doubt that the Partnership for a Drug Free America was planning on running those on TV any time soon...

    • flipzagging says:

      I don't know much about straightedge. At first glance I see some kids who made it part of their identity that they abstain from some things, which is everyone's right. Why do you call it Kool-Aid? Is it one of those subcultures that's like an endless Stalinist purge?

  3. baconmonkey says:

    "I don't need drugs and alcahol to have a good time, I need Violence and Bad Music to have a good time."

    but, as we know from the lessons taught to us by the MPAA's ratings and our government's policies, Violence = good, Sex and/or Drugs = bad.
    it's funny/sad watching older movies, like '60s and '70s and seeing how the ratings have shifted, and how much of a protectivist society we've become. Plante of the Apes (the original) got a G rating in the US. It show's Moses and crew's nekkid rears, has scary chase scenes, lobotomies, sexual overtones, and "get you hands off me you damn, dirty apes".

  4. bzztbomb says:

    What's next: What would Ian do? Tshirts?

  5. zhixel says:

    Straightedge is kind of a farce for a lot of the kids. You're fifteen, you really dig this music, you don't do drugs or drink anyway, so why not! Later kids go to college or fall out of whatever reason. IMO, most sxe kids should get drunk or high or fucked up at least once and then decide where they want to go.

    I am straightedge. I have drank and done several drugs in interesting ways in the past (here's where the holier than thou fucks start screaming) and that is -why- I'm straightedge. I didn't like where I was going, or what the people around me who were also heading in that direction were like. But it's a personal choice anyway, and other people are free to do what they want with their lives and bodies, IMO.