The Saddam and George show

The Saddam and George show:

"Ignoring the fact that George Bush declined Saddam Hussein's challenge to a televised debate, Tim Dowling exclusively reveals what could have happened had they met."


4 Responses:

  1. ralesk says:

       MAN, that was hilarious! :D

  2. mattlazycat says:

    A Jerry Springer version would be clichèd I suppose, but entertaining. Bush and Hussein could fight it out and be pulled apart by stage security (who make sure that everyone gets a few swings in first, for the ratings). Springer's Final Word would of course be initially inspiring and loaded with family values, but ultimately vague and unfulfilling.

    The image of one of the mildly obese white black-girl women standing up and saying, "You go girlfriend" to Saddam Hussein is now engrained in my mind.