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  1. linoleumcp says:

    Cease and desist orders aside, I *so* want that Sesame Street chart as a poster.

  2. Shouldn't Bert be the highest state of alert since we all know how evil he is?

  3. scosol says:

    ok i recind my earlier commentary-
    i removed gentoo and put xp back on my laptop this week- hahaha

    but hey- i'm gonna be at the dna tonight for the last half of the bass kittens-
    if you're there and you see me- come say hi- it'd be cool to meet you in person-
    i'll be wearing a black wireframe-daemon OpenBSD shirt hahahaha

  4. deviant_ says:

    I'd feel much better about the clusterfuck that is "homeland security" if they hadn't managed to fuck up even ROY G BIV.

    I mean, geez, how much attention do you have to pay during 6th grade science or any art class to know that blue doesn't go between yellow and green?