Terrah Comet!

Today's conspiracy theory:

  • that comet that recently zipped around the sun broke in two, and NASA is covering it up;
  • because part of it is coming RIGHT FOR US;
  • and that's the real reason for the Terrah Alert!

There's even an MPEG showing a bite missing from the sun.

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7 Responses:

  1. mattlazycat says:

    My __comet__ is made of pure carbon and smashes through planets. I hate being bored and I can punch suns!

    • mattlazycat says:

      (and if you had no idea what that meant, check out http://www.iamthewolfman.com/ )

      • inoshiro says:

        Is the webpage supposed to be empty?

        • mattlazycat says:

          I don't think it would sell many playstations if it was intentionally black. I suspect you have one or more of the following symptoms:

          • lack of a flash plugin
          • lack of bizarrely flawed MS-only javascript
          • a filtering proxy server

          If flash is indeed present, temporary reprieve may be achieved by heading to http://www.iamthewolfman.com/home.html though if I remember rightly the video itself is in Windows Media Video format, which is a bit of a shame since the site makes f*ck-all sense without it.

          It's a page designed to be a follow-up to a UK TV advertising campaign that ran back when the PS2 was new. It's pretty funny, but not quite the Terrible Secret of Space.

          • inoshiro says:

            Well, seeing as I filter SWF that is linked (thanks, Privoxy) and am using Mozilla, yes.

            The Real Player stuff works fine, though (since there's no WIMP for Slackware). I'll have to play it on my media PC in the front room, though, since I have no audio on this workstation, and there is no closed caption feature to Real Player :-/

        • mattlazycat says:

          Wait, bollocks to all that larking around with flash and popups and windows mediary. Here's a 200kbps Realplayer format clip. Go play. :)

  2. jcurious says:

    when I saw this entry I thought you were showing a bug in the meatball xscreensaver ;)

    my bad...

    going to go get a butterfly net to catch comet fragments with... bbl